We offer established expertise, individual assistance, and absolute integrity in all matters related to business law. Notable clients have been placing their confidence in us, even for decades, and appreciate our office's wide range of core competencies.

We accompany companies as early as the founding of a company, and, subsequently, in all legal matters related to business life. We support our clients in implementing their strategies and ideas with creative and customized solutions.
Our law firm provides support in negotiations with your business partners. Then we carefully implement these negotiation results in the accurate design of your contracts. Our office's specialist expertise is updated on a regular basis as well as through years of experience in dealing with the facts of daily business life. In this manner we are able to take all conceivable contingencies into consideration as we design your contracts, thus avoiding problems and potential for conflicts right from the beginning.

Our private clients appreciate our expertise especially in legal matters related to any type of property and rental contracts as well as property law and inheritance law.

In dealing with public authorities and handling administrative procedures, our timely intervening prevents delays as well as unpleasant decisions that are often no longer revisable. In this way we support you in the efficient implementation of your plans.

In addition to providing preemptive counsel, our law firm is well known for its highly qualified as well as persistent assertion of our clients' position in civil court and arbitration court. One of our areas of special focus also includes debt recovery.

Personal commitment by each and every one of our lawyers is one of the main focuses of our law firm. Each issue or case is handled personally by one of our lawyers or our highly qualified staff members who are carefully supervised by one of the partners as each case is handled. We attach premium value to comprehensively training our trainee lawyers and staff members. A number of renowned lawyers in private practice or working as corporate counsel have trained at our law firm.