Insolvency Law

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... offers established expertise.

  • Regular activity as bankruptcy trustees, among other things in a number of large bankruptcy cases in Upper Austria: Wozabal, dayli, Quelle, Carrera-Optyl, Komm & Kauf, Opel Kirchberger, pabneu skloib.
  • Safeguarding of creditor interests in bankruptcy proceedings, to make sure our clients will obtain – beyond the mere legal dividend – preferential rights (liens and rights of retention) as well as segregation rights (reservation of title), referring, for instance, to their interests as suppliers or landlords of a debtor in bankruptcy.
  • Counselling of parties interested in company takeover following a bankruptcy.
  • Counselling in connection with, and performance of debt restructuring.
  • Restructuring of credits.
  • Defence against actions of avoidance by bankruptcy trustees.
  • Insolvency prevention in the face of economic difficulties, making last-minute changes to the company strategy in order to avoid bankruptcy proceedings. 
  • Representation of debtors in specific cases.