Energy Law

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  • Legal counselling in the context of the liberalized energy market (especially electricity and natural gas market).
  • Counselling of grid providers in the electricity and natural gas sectors regarding system charges, especially representation of the providers in rate-setting procedures versus regulating bodies, and legal protection procedures.
  • Expert opinions on special regulatory matters, regular counselling of interest groups and both domestic and foreign energy suppliers.
  • Counsel on issues relating to contract law in drafting energy supply contracts, grid access contracts etc.
  • Counselling and representation of power companies as well as grid providers in plant permitting procedures.
  • Counselling of energy corporations in case of mergers and takeovers.
  • Counsel in connection with the ÖSG 2012 (Eco-Power Act), focusing on green power producers in view of achieving optimum green power subsidies and/or green power feed-in rates.
  • Counselling and representation of energy corporations in procedures before regulating bodies, particularly in so-called abuse proceedings.
  • Counselling of grid providers with regard to unbundling vertically integrated electricity and natural gas companies.
  • Counselling in matters of energy taxes.

Our law firm is a member of the Energy Research Institute of Johannes Kepler University, Linz.