Working at BOM

If we ask our employees, why they are working for BOM, the not only tell us about the professional expertise, the high level of consultancy and the comprehensive training, but mostly about out the pleasant working atmosphere. Founded as a family-owned office it is our total conviction that our cooperation has to be based on  mutual esteem. Our further assets:

  •  We not only work independently and with a  good learing culture, but we also know how to have fun with each other. Maybe at our staff outing or with an after-work-beer. 
  • Our location in the urban-centre of Linz provides us not only with excellent public transport but also with a perfect infrastructure within walking distance. So we never run short on  fresh fuit or chocolate.
  • The personal and professional development of our employees is our concern. We support this with profound trainings and seminars.
  • We support the individual life situation with suitable part-time models.
  • If you are a sport-addict, you can support our running team on the quest for new records.