Training as a lawyer

Our trainee lawyers are offered comprehensive " basic training" in all areas of business law.

For this reason, in the beginning, our trainee lawyers will work for all our attorneys and in the many different areas of business law in order to obtain all the essential knowledge and skills each and every lawyer needs (and which is also needed to pass the bar exam) and familiarize themselves with the different working styles of our lawyers.

After one or two years and, based on their qualifications, trainee lawyers are then assigned to a team consisting of one or several other lawyers and trainee lawyers. If possible, we will take individual areas of special interest into consideration when making this decision. This way our lawyers are given the opportunity to specialize in certain areas, thus helping us maintain our high  level of individual counsel with which we provide our clients.

After the bar exam, future career opportunities within our office are then jointly discussed. For this reason it is important to us that trainee lawyers also receive specialized training in addition to the basics in order for them to do well in their profession.